Get Freebies at Many Stores

Want some perks for shopping at certain places, or grabbing your coffee at the same coffee shop each week. Well here are some stores that you will want to sign up for, they make it worth your time to stop in and see them once in awhile!

Click Here to sign up for the Dunkin Perks on their website to receive exclusive offers, including a free medium beverage! Plus you get special treatment on your birthdays!

Click Here to sign up at to join their rewards club to get free chocolate! If you live near a Godiva store you can stop in for a free piece of chocolate each month! You have to admit, that is one sweet treat!

Click Here to Sign up at T.G.I. Fridays  for the Give me More Stripes card to be eligible for a coupon for a free appetizer or dessert, plus a one-time pass to move to the front of the line!

Click Here to check out the ULTA Rewards Program they have to offer! Free to become a member, receive coupons, get special offers, receive bonus points, and so much more!


Old Gadgets Might Be Worth Something

Do you have  old cell phones, dvd’s, video games, camera’s and other kind of items laying around collecting dust that you no longer use? There is a site called this site  allows you to trade inIf interested to check out the site Click Here to go to! your old electronics for some extra money. All you do is go to their site and click  trade in, and you can type the model number or name of product. Then it will give you a quote on what they might be willing to pay for the product depending on the items condition.  So then if you are happy on what you might get out of it, then print off a shipping address label that is pre-paid by them and ship it off to them! Very simple and easy way to earn extra money with electronics you no longer use!

DIY Repair Accesories

I have been searching out ways to repair accessories instead of trashing and having to buy new! It can be pricey, you have to admit it. So here are some of the fun DIY tips for repairing your accesories! It was fun researching this topic!

Dull Jewelry

You love wearing your favorite necklace, and after awhile it begins to go dull, and just loses its shine. Here is a simple way to help shine it back up!

1 Polident denture/partial cleaner, in a cup of warm/hot water. Allow jewelry to soak for like 10 minutes, and then take out of the water, and gently scrub with a soft toothbrush that you dip in the warm water. Allow to dry and you are set!


For plain silver jewelry without gemstones or intricate patterns, a quick-shine strategy is to soak the items in a mixture of ½ cup warm water, three to four drops of dishwashing liquid, and one drop of household ammonia.

Purse Losing Its Shape

Let it stand, stuffed with tissue paper, for a few days.  After a few days pass, just remove tissue, and it will re-gain its original state!

Stretched-Out Plastic Sunglasses

Put sunglasses in hot water, or blast them with a hair dryer until the plastic starts to become flexible, then slowly and gently bend the frame back into shape.

How to do your own Pedicure

Going and getting a pedicure is very relaxing and makes you feel very pampered, but it can put a big dent into your wallet. So I am going to share some tips on how to do a  pedicure at home and get the same results compared to professionals for A LOT LESS!

~ Remove old polish from the nails of both feet.

~File toenails straight across, rounding them slightly at the corners to conform to the shape of the toe.  Use the toenail nippers to remove the underside of the corners so they will not ‘dig’ into your flesh.

~Place one or both feet into the foot bath, use warm water and add a cup of milk to help soften feet. You can also add some aromatherapy soap to help relax you.

~Use your orangewood stick or the metal cuticle pusher to push back the transparent cuticle and to clean under the free edge.   Do not use excessive pressure to push back the cuticles as this action could damage your nail.

~If loose cuticle skin is apparent, you may remove it by nipping with the cuticle nippers.

~Scrub your feet and toenails with the nail brush. I like to get a foot scrub that I got at Walmart, helps soften the feet better.

~Massage both feet by applying lotion, or whatever cream you want. Then dry your feet, legs and toes and between the toes with a soft towel.

~Wipe each toenail with a cotton or gauze pad saturated with remover or alcohol to be sure the nail plate is free of oils.

~Apply basecoat, two coats of color and a thin topcoat.  Make sure you allow the proper drying time between applying new coats.

~ Once finished with all coats allow to dry and enjoy. If you feel like you want to add a flower or whatever on your nails as you may get at salon, do so now.

~Enjoy your DIY Pedicure, and know it cost a ton for the same great look!

Sweepstakes and Giveaways

I am going to share some tips on  entering  sweepstakes and giveaways:

To better your chances  you need to enter as many sweepstakes as possible, as often as possible. Roboform helps you enter more efficiently; find out how! Roboform saves your information that you type in such as address, email, and such. It saves a lot of time so you don’t have to re enter stuff over and over again.

When signing up for sweepstakes and giveaway only do the ones that you really want. Make a strategy to find the new sweeps that have the prizes that you want. If you do sweeps that have daily entries, try to keep that list somewhat small so you can keep track of the ones you are needing to do everyday. I like to save the links onto Microsoft word so all I do is copy and paste and then enter for each day.

I also like to enter sweepstakes that are ending like the next day. It seems to be nice to have that chance to put my name into the mix.  When doing the ones that expire the next day if I have never entered, I like those to be one entry only sweeps!

So now your probably wondering what are the sites to start entering sweepstakes! Well I will give you a few sites that have great sweepstakes/giveaways!

TWITTER : great way to enter Sweeps! Fast mostly you just follow and RT the message and your entered! Just last week I won $100 gift card to Nautica and then also A gift basket full of Goodies!

SWEEPSTAKES ADVANTAGE : has a ton of sweeps to enter each day. Some are one time only, instant wins, and so on.

BLOGS : Search out blogs like The Stir on ( Hip2Save ( Coupon Geek (  and so on, they have great sweepstakes.

Now your set! Start entering sweepstakes and Good Luck on winning!!!

Chic Makeup for the Summer Season

So I am all about makeup! I rarely go a day without applying makeup, I feel naked without it!! I like to experiment with different colors for each season and also match it to the outfit I have on. I will share some fun Chic Makeup Tips that will make you look extra radiant for this summer season!!

Foundation. Best choice is a mineral powder but if you don’t use that then go for a liquid foundation over a cream, which will help your skin breathe and stay healthy. Always apply moisturizer before foundation, as this will help ensure that the foundation goes on smoothly and creates a uniform color.

Try out vibrant color. Now’s the perfect time to play up your makeup palette. Besides looking summery, “livelier colors brighten the face and bring a youthful glow to skin

Bronze Yourself. Bronzer really makes your face look bright and it adds definition to your eyes! Its a must have in the warmer seasons! Another great perk of bronzer is it really makes you teeth look lighter!

Lip Gloss. I am all about lip gloss in the summer season! It feels lighter and looks fresh and fun. I find that lipstick is more for winter months, and feels a bit heavier!

What types of Jeans Flatter Your Figure

Finding jeans and capris, that flatter your body can be a chore at times. It is hard to know what fits each shape and really flatters your body. Well here are some simple tips that will help you make your purchase fit you and your body!  If you like to wear capris in the warmer months pick ones that are at mid-calf, if you go any lower they tend to look like high-watered jeans.  Wide-leg cuts really work in favor of your silhouette so don’t be afraid to try them on!

Women who are curvy and plus size, best route is finding the stretch fabric that helps fit hips and waist areas! Also it is good to have straight legged or boot cut pair that sits around your waist! That really compliments your body nicely!  Calling all pear-shaped women! A great tip is to-go for high pockets in front or no pockets at all. Also if you pick a boot cut really compliments the wider hips! Tummy troubles? Get a wide waistband that controls your midsection better than low-slung styles for say!

Overall, try to be the best you. Remember proportion is the key to finding the right look.  When we look over people on the street or in line at the coffee shop, we are attracted to the longest looking body line. Even if you are petite you still can find the look that compliments you and helps you to look longer than what you are. Choose clothes that streamline your silhouette from top to bottom.  Wearing heels can help lengthen your body and is very flattering on a woman!  So stand tall, walk proud, and let the world be your runway!

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