2 Year Old Undergoes Fertility Treatments

When I read this headline I was a bit taken back! I thought maybe there had been a mis-print on age or something. But this is what is going on in two-year-old Violet Lee from Brooklyn, New York. Violet starts chemotherapy treatments this week (she suffers from a serious autoimmune disorder) and they could hurt her chances of ever conceiving a child — chemo and radiation can cause sterility. Violet’s mom couldn’t bear the thought of her daughter not being able to have children. So tomorrow, Violet will become the youngest person ever to undergo an experimental “fertility preservation” procedure, during which a doctor will remove and freeze one of her ovaries! Click Here to read more about this story from the New York Post.

If You Were Violet’s Mother Would You Be Allowing Your 2-Year-Old To Under-Go Fertility Treatments?


Real Housewives of DC Premieres August 5th On Bravo

I recently caught eye on the New Series Real Housewives Of DC will be hitting Bravo on August 5th! I will be tuning in to see if this could be my new fave Housewives Series!! Soon  all the petty fighting, extravagant shopping sprees, and larger-than-life egos in Bravo’s Real Housewives series have new girls to keep things interesting! Click Here if You want to learn more about The Real Housewives of DC on bravo.com.

Which Series is your fave Housewives so far? Will you be tuning in for the new series of Housewives?

Lindsay Lohan and Jail Time

You’ve probably heard by now that Lindsay Lohan was recently sentenced to a 90-day jail sentence plus another 90 days in rehab. And you may remember that back in 2007, Paris was sentenced to a 45-day jail term for violating her probation as well!

Well it seems Lindsay has more in common with her former BFF Paris Hilton than we all thought.

Shockingly Lindsay had a nice message on her freshly manicured nails! I think if the judge would have noticed, maybe she would have got longer in jail! I have to say that was one daring move she made. Putting F*** You on her middle finger nail, was rather childish!

“Any time in jail is harsh, especially for a young lady like Lindsay that doesn’t need jail,” Michael Lohan told Larry King. “I’ve been there myself, and I know jail didn’t do anything for me with my addictions … I’m sorry. I’m just … a little upset … This girl needs rehab. She needs help.”

As for her mother, Dina Lohan, she told PopEater, “This is so not fair to do this to my child.”

What is your opinion about Lindsay Lohan and her Jail Time?

Megan Fox ties the knot with Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox’s publicist confirmed Tuesday the actress married her longtime beau, actor Brian Austin Green, in Hawaii during the weekend.  It has been reported she didn’t even invite her own mother to the wedding. The couple started dating in 2004. She in a red bikini, he in white board shorts, both flaunting wedding bands, they seemed  very happy! Do you think that their marriage will last in the Celeb world? Or will it fizzle like many other celebs?

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