2 Year Old Undergoes Fertility Treatments

When I read this headline I was a bit taken back! I thought maybe there had been a mis-print on age or something. But this is what is going on in two-year-old Violet Lee from Brooklyn, New York. Violet starts chemotherapy treatments this week (she suffers from a serious autoimmune disorder) and they could hurt her chances of ever conceiving a child — chemo and radiation can cause sterility. Violet’s mom couldn’t bear the thought of her daughter not being able to have children. So tomorrow, Violet will become the youngest person ever to undergo an experimental “fertility preservation” procedure, during which a doctor will remove and freeze one of her ovaries! Click Here to read more about this story from the New York Post.

If You Were Violet’s Mother Would You Be Allowing Your 2-Year-Old To Under-Go Fertility Treatments?


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