Tuesday Freebie’s

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Get a free sample of Propel Powder with Calcium on Facebook. Here are click-by-click instructions to get this freebie:

1. “Like” Propel on Facebook

2.  Fill out the form found on the “Free Sample” tab

3.  Click on the blue “Submit” button to receive your free sample within 4 weeks.

4.  Allow Propel to access your profile and you’ll get a confirmation message “Thank you for registering!”

Click pic to go to site

All you do is fill out a few questions to see if you qualify for a free sample! If you do, allow 4-6 weeks for sample to arrive!

Click pic to go to site

Sign up now to get a free BeingGirl Sample Kit. Just fill out the quick survey below to begin. Included in the kit are: 3 Tampax Pearl Tampons (1 Regular, 1 Light, 1 Compak Light), 2 Always Ultra Thin Pads (1 Regular, 1 Long/Super) & 2 Always Thin Liners.


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