How to do your own Pedicure

Going and getting a pedicure is very relaxing and makes you feel very pampered, but it can put a big dent into your wallet. So I am going to share some tips on how to do a  pedicure at home and get the same results compared to professionals for A LOT LESS!

~ Remove old polish from the nails of both feet.

~File toenails straight across, rounding them slightly at the corners to conform to the shape of the toe.  Use the toenail nippers to remove the underside of the corners so they will not ‘dig’ into your flesh.

~Place one or both feet into the foot bath, use warm water and add a cup of milk to help soften feet. You can also add some aromatherapy soap to help relax you.

~Use your orangewood stick or the metal cuticle pusher to push back the transparent cuticle and to clean under the free edge.   Do not use excessive pressure to push back the cuticles as this action could damage your nail.

~If loose cuticle skin is apparent, you may remove it by nipping with the cuticle nippers.

~Scrub your feet and toenails with the nail brush. I like to get a foot scrub that I got at Walmart, helps soften the feet better.

~Massage both feet by applying lotion, or whatever cream you want. Then dry your feet, legs and toes and between the toes with a soft towel.

~Wipe each toenail with a cotton or gauze pad saturated with remover or alcohol to be sure the nail plate is free of oils.

~Apply basecoat, two coats of color and a thin topcoat.  Make sure you allow the proper drying time between applying new coats.

~ Once finished with all coats allow to dry and enjoy. If you feel like you want to add a flower or whatever on your nails as you may get at salon, do so now.

~Enjoy your DIY Pedicure, and know it cost a ton for the same great look!


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