Sweepstakes and Giveaways

I am going to share some tips on  entering  sweepstakes and giveaways:

To better your chances  you need to enter as many sweepstakes as possible, as often as possible. Roboform helps you enter more efficiently; find out how! Roboform saves your information that you type in such as address, email, and such. It saves a lot of time so you don’t have to re enter stuff over and over again.

When signing up for sweepstakes and giveaway only do the ones that you really want. Make a strategy to find the new sweeps that have the prizes that you want. If you do sweeps that have daily entries, try to keep that list somewhat small so you can keep track of the ones you are needing to do everyday. I like to save the links onto Microsoft word so all I do is copy and paste and then enter for each day.

I also like to enter sweepstakes that are ending like the next day. It seems to be nice to have that chance to put my name into the mix.  When doing the ones that expire the next day if I have never entered, I like those to be one entry only sweeps!

So now your probably wondering what are the sites to start entering sweepstakes! Well I will give you a few sites that have great sweepstakes/giveaways!

TWITTER : great way to enter Sweeps! Fast mostly you just follow and RT the message and your entered! Just last week I won $100 gift card to Nautica and then also A gift basket full of Goodies!

SWEEPSTAKES ADVANTAGE : has a ton of sweeps to enter each day. Some are one time only, instant wins, and so on.

BLOGS : Search out blogs like The Stir on (www.cafemom.com) Hip2Save (www.hip2save.com) Coupon Geek (www.coupongeek.com)  and so on, they have great sweepstakes.

Now your set! Start entering sweepstakes and Good Luck on winning!!!


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