Free Sites to Listen to music Online

I don’t know about you but I love to listen to music while messing around on the computer. It really helps keep me motivated, I will my top 3 sites, that you can listen to music online for free!

1. Pandora

Click on Pic to go to Site

Pandora is a great free music site. You can pick a certain artist or music genre and it will generate music off what it thinks you would like to hear. All you do is click thumbs up or down to the songs. You can skip so many songs per/hour.

2. Slacker

Click pic to go to site

All you do is sign up and pick which station you would like to listen to! It is a fun site and it has up-to date music, so its nice to hear the latest music for free!! This site also allows you to fast forward through songs you don’t like

3. AOL

Click pic to go to site

All you do is sign up at AOL and then you have access to listening to great music. You can listen without signing up but after so long they will stop musicĀ  if you do not have an account. Once again you pick what you want to listen to!

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