What types of Jeans Flatter Your Figure

Finding jeans and capris, that flatter your body can be a chore at times. It is hard to know what fits each shape and really flatters your body. Well here are some simple tips that will help you make your purchase fit you and your body!  If you like to wear capris in the warmer months pick ones that are at mid-calf, if you go any lower they tend to look like high-watered jeans.  Wide-leg cuts really work in favor of your silhouette so don’t be afraid to try them on!

Women who are curvy and plus size, best route is finding the stretch fabric that helps fit hips and waist areas! Also it is good to have straight legged or boot cut pair that sits around your waist! That really compliments your body nicely!  Calling all pear-shaped women! A great tip is to-go for high pockets in front or no pockets at all. Also if you pick a boot cut really compliments the wider hips! Tummy troubles? Get a wide waistband that controls your midsection better than low-slung styles for say!

Overall, try to be the best you. Remember proportion is the key to finding the right look.  When we look over people on the street or in line at the coffee shop, we are attracted to the longest looking body line. Even if you are petite you still can find the look that compliments you and helps you to look longer than what you are. Choose clothes that streamline your silhouette from top to bottom.  Wearing heels can help lengthen your body and is very flattering on a woman!  So stand tall, walk proud, and let the world be your runway!


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